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Dell Corporation is one of the largest computer technical product providers in the world. All products provided by Dell Corporation comes with the latest technology and amazing features. Dell Corporation was established in 1984. Since then it has provided plenty of amazing products with quality services. This company provides computer technology product, and headquarter of Dell Corporation is based in Round, Taxes, USA.

Dell Corporation has provided plenty of amazing features in the market including Dell Computers, Dell Printers and etc. All the products provided by Dell has always been amazing and comes with the latest technology and advanced features. These devices have always been high-class quality. Millions of people all around the world appreciate and use Dell products. With the growing demand and usage of Dell products, people are getting attracted toward these devices. Dell product is embedded with the latest technology and advanced technology, but that doesn’t mean these products are error free. Dell products also go through technical flaws and hiccups, due to which sometimes user gets irritated. For clarifying any doubt or issue related to Dell Product, you can reach out to the Dell customer support service. This service is reachable via toll-free official number, where you will get the assistance of dexterous techies.


Technical Snags with Dell Products

Dell Computers and laptops
Error while turning on the computer

Sometimes people face errors while the computer gets started, these problems are called startup error. Below is the list of some startup error.

  • Blue screen error when starting the computer.
  • Unable to start the system after putting it into sleep mode.
  • The boot process is taking too much time to complete.
  • The system is not turning on.
  • The screen is stuck on the Dell logo when starting the computer.
Issues while installation and download process

Those issues which occur when trying to update or install a software come in this category.

  • The operating system is not getting an update.
  • Getting troubles when trying to update or installing device drivers and software.
Technical Snags

Hardware Errors

These errors are physical damages or another issue with the devices.

  • Faulty keyboard and mouse
  • Damaged RAM and Motherboard.
  • Noisy fan and dust in the air vents.
  • Low space in the hard disk drive.
  • The battery is causing a problem and unable to charge.

Connectivity Issue

  • Error while connecting with Wi-Fi.
  • Connectivity with the internet is slow.
  • Unable to connect with other devices via USB and Bluetooth
Dell Printers
  • The problem in the setup of the printer with the computer.
  • Wastage of paper because of poor print, or light print output.
  • Unable to print using HP Printer from the tray.
  • Because of too many printing jobs unable to print.
  • Paper jam issue in the printer.
  • Empty ink tank or shortage of ink in the tank.
  • Poor printing quality and squeaking sound while printing.
  • Output paper after printing is gray without printing anything.
  • Unable to print in black color.
Dell Support

When you face errors with a Dell device, you should immediately join the experts on Dell tech support number. You can reach out to this service via toll-free official number and talk to dexterous techies. This service is 24x7 reachable for Dell user in case of any query.


Dell printers are designed and manufactured with advanced technology due to which new people face difficulties while installing the printer on the computer. To fix this installation error people can proceed with these steps or take help from Dell Customer care number.

  1. Go to the official website of Dell and install Wizard for windows.
  2. Download and save it on the computer.
  3. Make sure to completely install the tool. Then launch the tool and scan the whole computer to detect the installation problem. This will help you to solve the installation error.

When you face problem while starting the computer, then you can take help from Dell customer helpline number. Also, you can solve the problem by following below mentioned steps.

  1. Remove all the disks attached or inserted on the computer and then try to start the computer.
  2. Make sure that newly installed programs on the computer are not causing any problem.
  3. Press the F8 button while restarting the computer and put the computer in safe mode.
  4. Scan your device safe from virus or malware by scanning it using an Antivirus software.
  5. If the problem is still not solved, then check your keyboard and make sure that it is properly connected with the computer.

Sometimes the user forgot the lock username and password enabled on the computer. This situation restricts the user to access the computer. You can get rid of this situation quickly by these steps:

  1. Restart the laptop and press F8 again and again to get the start-up
  2. Then in the start-up options choose to access computer in the safe mode.
  3. Through the safe mode, you can access the computer as an administrator without the password.
  4. Go to the administrator login password section, where you can reset the password and username.

If you are unable to adjust your Dell laptop screen, then follow these steps to do that:

  1. In order to adjust the laptop screen, tap on the tap of the laptop screen and push back to change the view angle.
  2. You can decrease and increase the brightness of the laptop by pressing the Function and down arrow/ up arrow.
  3. You can change the screen resolution from the windows control panel.
  4. Tap & hold the left mouse button on the slider control under “Screen Resolution” & drag it. Select the desired setting and save it to change. Apply and click on OK. Now close the windows and return to the main screen.
  5. If you want professional help, then dial Dell customer care number.

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