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AOL Desktop Gold is an internet software that was produced by AOL that combines all the possibilities of browsing a web, being a multimedia player, having access to AOL emails, allowing the users to play games, etc. The AOL desktop Gold software can be installed both on Windows and Mac. If you have an AOL Gold software, you donít have to regularly sign in for its usage. The company has launched the AOL Desktop Gold icon, which makes it really easy to access the software. The icon is present on the desktop screen, you just need to click it and you are good to go. It was updated in the year 2017, and with the latest AOL Desktop Gold version, the main focus has now shifted to web browsing and email services. The AOL email account can also be linked with other email accounts of the users. The AOL desktop Gold can be used as a regular browser. It provides faster web browsing experience and is being encrypted with the security features so that your account doesnít get hacked. Now enjoy a premium experience of searching for the content, playing games, listening to music, streaming videos on this amazing software. If you havenít downloaded the software till now, then download AOL Desktop Gold without any delay to enjoy a life-altering experience of web browsing and other things. It will surely become your favorite, as you will be relieved that your account information wonít get compromised as it has been enabled with two-step security features.

The software has seen some rapid changes after it has been updated to its latest version. Now after being updated into AOL Desktop Gold version, the users cannot access it for free as it comes with a paid version. You would need to take the AOL Gold subscription if you are a new user. The software is compatible with Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android. The latest version was launched in the year 2017 and is known as 11.0.2012, whereas the previous version was 9.8 and you just need to pay a monthly subscription of 4.99 dollars per month. After being updated, your data can automatically be transferred to the new version.

Why do people appreciate this amazing software?

This software has become a favorite of millions of users across the globe. Many people love this software due to the exciting features that this software has to offer.

The customers are totally satisfied by working with the software and the customer support service remains accessible 24 hours.

Have a look at some of the amazing features that make this software stand apart from others.

Document printing- Need to print a document or a webpage while you are working on this browser? No need to copy the document on other files. Just give print commands and easily print a document from this software.

Wish to play games- Are you someone who becomes excited while playing online games and get extreme happiness by it. Just use this software to play racing and puzzle games, etc. and pass your time.

Get Alert warnings- This software will provide you with alert warnings if it has been attacked by any malicious content, thus saving it from getting corrupted.

Easy to download and install- The process is really simple and can be achieved in a few minutes. You just need to take care of the system requirements before you install AOL Desktop Gold in the device.

Amazing Software

Custom security- With its high-level encryption features, you donít need to worry about your privacy and information getting compromised.

Automatic updates- Any new version been introduced? The software needs an update? No need to worry about that, as the automatic update feature will work in the background without letting you compromise with the work.

Web Browser- Just download AOL desktop gold and make it as your web browser. Surf the internet, listen to the news, get an idea about weather forecast etc.

Chat room service- Wish to chat with users across the globe or make your chat windows personal? Then just use the chat room service.

A few shortcomings of AOL Desktop Gold:

After going through the pros of AOL Desktop Gold, it doesnít change the fact that it can also be confronted with some errors and technical flaws. There are a few glitches that can give real-time to the AOL users. But the best thing about AOL is that all the problems have an easy solution and are been recommended by certified technicians. Some of the shortcomings include

  • Missing AOL Gold Icon from Desktop
  • Automatic update not working
  • The software stops in between or doesnít respond
  • Installation issues, if the system requirements are not met
  • Trouble signing in AOL email
  • Password reset issues
  • Unable to approach a few websites
  • Error codes usually in numbers being displayed( Every error code responds to a different issue
  • The software is incompatible with the system
  • Not able to get the subscription
  • The software creation issues in the updating process

If you face any of the above error, the just follow the troubleshooting steps. You can also install AOL Desktop Gold in your system again if the problem-solving steps do not work.


Sometimes the AOL Desktop Gold software suffers from some complications and the update system may crash and will stop working. The solution to this issue is quite simple and can achieve in a few simple steps:

  • Search menu > Update > Windows Update.
  • Change Settings > Important Updates > checkmark on Install updates automatically
  • Put a tick on Recommended and important updates
  • Save the changes

Restoring the missing desktop icon can be really simple. Just follow the steps given below or uninstall the software and download AOL Desktop Gold by ensuring the system requirements.

  • AOL Gold software>Go to the Dock
  • Bring your mouse pointer and place it on the icon
  • Pop up menu>keep in the dock.
  • Drag the icon to the desktop

Why choose for AOL Desktop Gold Tech support?

If you have any troubles by using the AOL desktop gold software and need certified and instant solutions, then just dial the customer support number or choose the option of live chat with the technicians. They will be available 24 hours at your service and would always provide you with the best advice.

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